My Third Art Dump – ft. Princes, a Violin, and Eyeballs

It has been a goodly while since I last shared some of my art, and during that time I’ve been experimenting with all sorts of artistic concoctions. If you’ve missed the first two installments, check them out here and here! Without further ado, let’s begin! I first saw this little girl on Pinterest and those … More My Third Art Dump – ft. Princes, a Violin, and Eyeballs

Time // a poem

Time is a funny creature. Sometimes it collapses upon itself and hours feel like seconds. Sometimes it stretches and expands like a giant flat spider, creeping slowly along. But recently for me, it barely seems to exist at all. I open my eyes in the morning and my mind spins. Didn’t I just do that? … More Time // a poem

A Snowy Miracle

It’s only been a few weeks since winter break, and already it feels like so long ago. The stresses and responsibilities of life have transformed me into a frantic hamster, endlessly running in a wheel and going nowhere, while the prize is actually far to my right. I didn’t have the heart to write a … More A Snowy Miracle