In Music

Featuring the various escapades I embark on in the lands of music with my three beautiful children: piano, classical guitar, and violin.

Disclaimer: Don’t ask me which one is my favorite, because like any good mother, I don’t show partiality. I love them all equally.

Picturesque Piano

My oldest, which began its life when I was five. Admittedly, I didn’t love it very much at first, but thanks to my Mama’s perseverance I now treasure it like the fine jewel it is.

Favorite composer: Claude Debussy

Favorite piece I’ve played: The Lark by Glinka/Balakirev

Favorite piece I haven’t played: La Campanella by Liszt

Favorite key signature: B flat minor

Favorite quote: “The piano keys are black and white but they sound like a million colors in your mind.” – Maria Cristina Mena

Glorious Guitar

The middle child. After I turned twelve, Mama said I could learn another instrument. I wanted to play the harp, but they’re quite expensive and finding a teacher would be like looking for a haystack in a needle. So I chose the guitar, whose strings feel and sound so gloriously similar to a harp’s.

Favorite composer: Isaac Albeniz

Favorite piece I’ve played: Gran Vals by Francisco Tarrega

Favorite piece I haven’t played: Asturias by Isaac Albeniz

Favorite key signature: E major

Vibrant Violin

My youngest. I started my life with the violin a mere year ago, and although I’m afraid I sound hideously bad at times, I’ve progressed leaps and bounds.

As a fledgling violinist, I currently do not have a favorite composer, piece, etc. Nor do I have any recordings that I could share with dignity. It’s true, folks. Beginner violinists sound like zombie opera singers with sore throats.

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